Why Gandhi alone in Rupees notes of India?

Indian Rupee Notes
As usual I am sitting simply in office(:O), I had a doubt, recently somebody shared a photo in facebook, stating why Gandhi alone in rupee notes? Then I Googled it and found lot of persons, had the same doubt :-). 

I started reading about the rupee notes and history of India. Here are some of the information I have found. Till 1997, most of the notes having nature, wild animals are taking place in the rupee notes of India, after abolishing the British rule, where they have used the Governor General or Viceroy Photos in Rupee notes. 

After the year 1997, Gandhi Photo came to rupees note (Originally designed in 1988, after his death. He was introduced in 5 Rupees note first along with the ploughing farmer and then he got promoted (:P) to 10 rupees note (along with wild animals like tiger, rhino and elephant), and again he shared his photo along with the parliament of India in 50 rupees note, and with the Himalayas in 100 rupees note, he added some followers when he came to 500 rupees note in the year 2000. 

When he got promoted to 1000 rupees note, he cut down his followers and added Indian economy stills along with him; meanwhile he got detained to 20 rupees note on sharing basis with seashore.

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  1. vry nce frnd, but other country's not put 1 leader photo, they r gve respect 2 all, so print many leaders photos, than y our indian use only GANDHI

  2. Reserve Bank of India have designed more big shots, including Tamil politicians like C. N. Annadurai and lot more. But due to lack of support from Central Government of India, it is still in hold Condition.