Blogging - It is not so easy as you think

Blogging - It is not so easy as you think
When somebody asks me, "what will you do in your office ?". I will just surf and blog something, this will be my first reply but is it an easy think to do? Most of the non-bloggers and some bloggers think that it just a copy paste crap thing in the internet, nothing like blogging.

When i think how i have started it, its pretty interesting, usually i will send some informative mails (mostly sent to trash by my friends without taking even a single look over it), then i realized instead of sending this to particular people why can't we post somewhere so that everyone can access if they like, i can just send the link to my friends (at least this time they will click on the link, since nothing over the mail).

But professionals says that it is very easy to blog since you gonna write your own perception to any of the subject.

When we start writing about something we need to be sure that the wordings or sentences is not just like the copy paste crap, it should consists of our own taught, own wordings preferable our own style.

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